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California. Skier. Longboarder. Military kinda. Couch Enthusiast. 25. Male.

    So…. Much…. Reading….

    And that’s all I’m doing is just reading. There is so much to cover a night with 100 pages. How can they think I’ll comprehend any of it

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    "I’ve learnt a few things the last few months; Life goes on and how we want it to go on is a choice and even if we want to escape, there is no-where to escape so we might as well make right now awesome."
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     Rest in Peace JP Auclair and Andreas Fransson, some of the best 
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    kamistrife asked: Anything I can do to help you get through EMT school? I'd be happy to pass on some tips and tricks to manage the workload, if you'd like.


    Pleeeaaassseeeee ha ha I’ll be in touch

    — 1 day ago

    Day 8 of forever:
    I don’t think I’ll be updating this nearly as often. My whole work load got a realty check today. I feel beyond overwhelmed and have more than enough doubts without the haters.

    I already feel like I won’t make it through. It’s a matter of when they’ll get me rather than escaping.

    It’s scary. I’m really scared.

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    Well getting ready to start 7 weeks of EMT school. Ba ba buuummm

    My stomach is in a million different knots right now

    — 2 days ago